Sharing Without Shame at the Lawrenceburg Green

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This past Saturday was a special event hosted by the Anderson County HEROES to help everyone in the community who are either directly or indirectly suffering from the disease of drug addiction.  Although the rain dampened the 1st Annual Sharing Without Shame rally held at the Lawrenceburg Green, it was still a success in telling its message.

Anderson County HEROES started earlier this year as an organization that has dedicated itself to be a hero for all families and children that have been touched by addiction.  Their goal is to help bring more support, awareness, and removing the stigma associated with addiction.

Paul Barrick is an outspoken member of HEROES, whose son, Todd, has suffered from addiction. “We’re trying to create an environment of awareness of drug addiction,” he said while indicating that they are working to bring more resources for addicts before, during, and after treatment.  “We understand if they come out of treatment and they don’t continue to progress then they are right back in it.”

The rally continued this goal by bringing many different organizations together to share what resources they have available to families and recovering addicts.  It was also a way for recovering addicts to share their stories with others, which according to Paul, not only helps them but others in the process.  Also present were a number of activities, entertainment, and giveaways.

One of the motivational speakers included Dr Andrew Bustin, a local retired cardiologist.  He gave startling statistics of just how many thousands of overdoses occur each year and how addiction has become a disease.

Together, the group made another great stand in the effort to stop addiction.  For more information about HEROES, check out their Facebook page.

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