Mayor Goodlett Reflects on East Woodford Street Demolitions

The City of Lawrenceburg held their monthly council meeting last night, with Mayor Goodlett reflecting on the demolition of the four blighted East Woodford Street homes as the process comes to an end.  The mayor announced that the homes on the street are now in the process of being demolished after years of working with the owner to attempt to repair the homes.

Paul Blanton, operations manager for Combs Construction which is the company tearing the houses down, explained to the mayor earlier in the day that they have already tore the first house down and will clean up the debris before moving on to the next.  He also indicated that the house fell with little resistance, indicating its poor structural state.

Although Mayor Goodlett was glad to see the process finally come to an end, he would have rather seen the houses be repaired.  “My observation on it is kind of a bittersweet thing that had to happen.  Part of me knows that the houses have deteriorated to a point that in all likelihood that at least three of the four and probably all four of them could not be rehabilitated,” he said.  He continued saying that these were homes, after all, and that the city tried as much as possible to work with the owner to repair them.

Also during the meeting, the mayor announced that the city has been approved a loan for the Alton sewer project and thinks they are in line for a grant to pay for half of the project.  He indicated that city engineer Monty Rhody and city clerk Robbie Hume have worked diligently on the grant application to gather all the necessary data.  The council also approved the second reading of the tax rate, which remained the same this year, and reappointed Jane Redman to the ethics board.

Emergency management director, Bart Powell, also announced that they have received $24,000 in grants and has attended the Kentucky Emergency Services Conference with other community leaders.  He also updated the council that over 200 attended the Eric Chrisman 5k Run/Walk and thanked the council on behalf of his wife for the improvements done at the city park.

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