East Woodford Street Houses Demolition Begins

Paul Blanton and Monty Rhody

Residents on and around East Woodford Street are now seeing what many have been waiting for a long time.  The four blighted houses on the road are now in the process of being torn down.

The four houses have been marked by the City of Lawrenceburg to be demolished after a long period of securing proper legal rights to do so.  After putting out a bid request, the city announced that Combs Construction won the bid by a wide margin during last month’s city council meeting.

Combs Construction, which was the company that tore down the old garage building on Main Street to put in the new parking lot, expects to complete the demolition in 2-3 weeks, although they are moving fast in taking the houses down. According to city engineer, Monty Rhody, all buildings, including outbuildings, will be taken down on each property.

Operations Manager, Paul Blanton, has requested that all citizens in the area to stay a safe distance from the demolition while crews are working.  He also explained that some of the metal items will be scrapped and recycled while most of the wooden debris will go to landfills per state regulations.

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