Thurmans Celebrate 80th Reunion and Long Family History

Gary BrownEdwin MckeeHazel Calloway oldest family member at 88 years old

This past Saturday was a special milestone for the Thurman family.  Family members from Lawrenceburg and many towns around the state and country gathered at the cooperative extension building at the county park to celebrate their 80th yearly family reunion.

According to Edwin Mckee, the family reunions have served as not only a way for everyone to stay in touch but also to gather information on its history and genealogy.  Gary Brown has been, through the years, collecting information and tracking the family origins all the way back to before the Civil War to Green Thurman.

Green was born as a slave on July 9th, 1845, in Anderson County and was owned by General Christopher Lillard.  With the outbreak of the Civil War, he enlisted in the Union Army on July 1st, 1864, in Lexington.  Assigned to Company “C” of the 116th Regiment at Camp Nelson, Green would serve three years in the army.

During his service, he would be severely injured by a Confederate mortar shell in October of 1864 at Dutch Gap, Virginia.  Taking four months to recover, he would return to combat just a few months before being at Appomattox where Robert E Lee surrendered to Ulysses S Grant.  He would serve for another two years before being honorably discharged in New Orleans in 1867.

But just a few months before joining the Union Army, he married Mary Eliza Munday with the ceremony being performed by Rev Sim Cavil in Lawrenceburg.  Surviving the Civil War, Green and Mary had a number of children that would become the very large Thurman family today across the county and even around the nation.

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