30 Books and Counting

Writing fiction has been an almost life long passion for Anderson County native, Ann Gabhart.  In her writing career, Ann has published thirty novels based on a variety of topics, many of which containing elements from right here in Lawrenceburg.

Ann grew up on a farm and decided to start writing when she was only 10 years old. “I decided it would be fun to be involved in a mystery and there wasn’t many mysteries going on in Anderson County out on the farm, and so I decided to write my own mystery, starring myself,” Ann said.

Most of her writings from this time were short stories, but she really enjoyed it.  Even though she got married young, she never lost her dream to write.  Continually working to learn more, she took a correspondence class.  The last assignment in the course was to write an outline for a novel.  Never liking to write outlines, Ann decided to just write the whole novel instead.

And with that decision, she found writing novels was what she liked best of all.  Her first published book hit the shelves in 1978.  Although she called it “Kentucky Dream” based on the traveling church that came from Spotsylvania to Kentucky, the publishers changed the title to “A Forbidden Yearning.”

She has written many different types of novels since then.  Some based on murder mysteries, others on Christian inspiration, and still others on the Shakers, her books caught the attention of many.  She has also based a number of books’ settings on Lawrenceburg and Anderson County, drawing inspiration from her and her mother’s childhoods.

Even though she has written thirty novels, she has no plans on stopping.  Her next book, called “Murder is No Accident,” will be released on March 17th, and after that, she is planning on writing another history based novel set in Appalachia.

Ann has seen great support of her writing from many local residents, who enjoy reading her works.  “It’s always fun to have my hometown people support my writing,” she said.

The Downtown Lawrenceburg KY Visitor Center on Main Street also features a number of her more recent books and will be hosting a book signing event with Ann on October 8th, from 11am to 2pm.  To always see what Ann is writing next, check out her website.

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