Giving Back to Those That Helped in a Tragedy

Seth CarnahanMike Carnahan

Tragedy struck an Anderson County family seven years ago when their thirteen year old son lost his life, but through an amazing outpouring of support from his school, the family has continually given back to show their gratitude.

Seth Carnahan was a great student at Anderson County Middle School, playing hard in the school’s football program.  On August 1st, 2009, Seth lost his life while playing in the Elkhorn Creek in Scott County.

According to his parents, Mike and Sherry Carnahan, the outpouring of support from the school was incredible. “The year that we lost Seth, he was on the [football] team.  They did some awesome things in his memory and his honor and continue doing things,” Mike said.

As a way of giving back, they have been hosting a memorial football game in their son’s honor for the past five years as a way to raise money to support the middle school’s football program.  According to Mike, the goal is to use land available behind the school to create a properly equipped football field, which will include bleachers, scoreboard, lighting and more.

Once they reach that goal, they would like to continue with the game to raise funds to build a multi purpose field house.  It will be situated so both the football and soccer teams can use it for locker rooms and will include weights for training.

Although the Carnahans have raised $24,500 for the past four Seth Carnahan Memorial Bowls with the fifth game planned September 24th at the ACHS football field, they feel it is more than just a fundraiser.  “It keeps his name alive.  He is never forgotten,” Mike said.

Each year, they have continually seen an outpouring of support to help, with businesses and residents helping and donating.  “I would like to thank everybody in Anderson County,” Mike said.

For more information on how to donate or help, contact Mike or Sherry Carnahan at 502-600-1633 or  They will be accepting $250 donations to have a name listed on t-shirts until September 9th.

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