Humane Society Warns to Not Leave Pets in Hot Cars

Donna Callahan and Mattie who graciously posed for the photo.Megan Smith, Donna Callahan, and MattieDr Goodpaster

With such warm temperatures we have been experiencing this summer, the Anderson County Humane Society wants to remind everyone to not leave pets in an unattended car, even for a short time.  Short heat exposures can lead to devastating brain injury or death of your beloved pet.

According to the Animal Protection Institute, any outside temperatures above 70F can be dangerous for pets left inside a car with no or minimal window openings.  With an outside temperature of 85F, a car can reach 102F in ten minutes and 120F within a half hour.

These temperatures are high enough to cause heat stroke, which is an emergency medical condition.  According to Dr Aaron Goodpaster from the Animal Clinic, any pet with heat stroke needs immediate medical attention to prevent neurological damage or death.

Dr Goodpaster and Megan Smith from the humane society agree that leaving windows cracked open will not provide enough air flow.   “Even if [the windows are] cracked, it isn’t really going to make a difference,” Megan said.

Donna Callahan, director of the humane society, said that if anyone spots a pet in a hot car to call the local police.  They will be able to assess and handle the situation to save the pet from excessive heat.

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