The Force Awakens at the Green

Ben, Jeriann, and Danilee KallinCraig Aossey and Jason Willis

Although it was warm and there was the opening home football game at Anderson County High School, the movie night on the Lawrenceburg Green attracted a number of Star Wars fans to see the free showing of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  Sponsored by the City of Lawrenceburg and Commonwealth Credit Union, a number of movie goers were dressed up in great Star Wars apparel, including Ben, Jeriann, and Danilee Kallin.

Also present were members from the Kentucky Star Wars Collectors Club.  Craig Aossey, who is from Frankfort, explained that the club is a great way for those interested in collecting Star Wars memorabilia to talk with others and find help to build their collections.  With three locations at Lexington, Louisville, and Ashland, the state wide club holds local monthly meetings as well as three big meetings a year focusing on swap meets, auctions, and a fall festival.

While at the green, Craig and Jason Willis, who is from Lawrenceburg, got to show off parts of their collection to anyone interested. “We just have fun with Star Wars,” Craig said as he explained that they have been collecting since they have been kids.  As a family friendly group, he offered anyone interested to join.

For more information about the club, check out their website.

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