Helping Residents Find Jobs

Ashlee Sinkhorn and Kinsley Schuster

Ashlee Sinkhorn and Kinsley Schuster

Helping residents find quality jobs is something that Ashlee Sinkhorn, branch manager of both the Lawrenceburg and Danville Nesco offices, is passionate about.  Nesco represents a number of the factories and large employers here in the county and surrounding region to help find work for anyone that comes in their office.

Located out on Hilltop Dr, Ashlee along with Kinsley Schuster work on trying to find the best job for any prospective employee.  Since Nesco is a nationwide company, they have the ability to work with offices in other counties to find the right job. “We want to help people find gainful employment,” Ashlee said.

Ashlee explained that most times employment through the service gives new employees immediate full benefits options, including health, dental, vision, etc, and a paycheck every week.  They do general safety training, and the factory that they are placed at does specific training for the job.  If the employee enjoys the work and performs well, the majority are given the option for a permanent position at the factory after 90 days.

They also help with direct hire management.  For instance, General Cable is currently hiring for new positions as they expand.  Nesco provides them with prospective employees, but the hiring is direct through General Cable.

In the end, their biggest goal is making sure people have access to gainful employment.  For more information about Nesco, call the office at 502-859-2114.

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