Celebrating 20 Years in an Unique Way

One of Lawrenceburg’s well known dentists is celebrating 20 years of practice in a very unique way.  Dr Lea Fowler, who has an office on Woodford Street, is celebrating by giving away twenty local items to twenty patients for twenty days.

Dr Lea enjoyed going to the dentist when she was a child. “When I was a little kid, I always loved going to the dentist. I thought it was a special treat,” she said.  As she grew up, she started studying and enjoying science and related fields and found dentistry would be a natural fit.  She also wanted a profession that would allow her to attend school events and field trips when she decided to have a family.

Coming up on her twentieth anniversary of starting her practice, Dr Lea wanted to try something unique to celebrate.  Inspired by ESPN’s 30 for 30 anniversary celebration, she decided to contact various local artists, businesses, restaurants, and more to purchase twenty items to give away to twenty patients for twenty days in the month of August.

From candles and shirts, to books and cupcakes and more, Dr Lea is highlighting many around the county while picking items she knows that others would appreciate.  “I just wanted to come up with a neat way to celebrate and to include everybody,” she said.

To see all of the items she has given away, check out her Facebook page.

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