Thanking All First Responders

Mike Carnahan and Maureen Bryant

Mike Carnahan and Maureen Bryant

Letting all of our emergency first responders know just how appreciated they are is something that Maureen Bryant from Mo’s Uppercuts on Glensboro Road is very passionate about.  With all the negativity and difficulty that police, firefighters, EMTs, and others have been facing across the nation, Maureen decided to give back to these heroes.

Offering half priced haircuts on Wednesdays to all first responders, Maureen wants to get the word out of her appreciation.  “We’re trying to go above and beyond to say we acknowledge what you do.  We know that everyday that your life is at risk,” Maureen said.

Mike Carnahan, a recently retired Kentucky State Trooper of 29 years, was incredibly uplifted to see this kind of gratitude. “It’s fantastic. This day and time there is so much negative about law enforcement.  In law enforcement, when you hear nothing but negative, you start feeling that is what everybody feels,” Mike said.

Mike explained that many times while serving as an officer, negativity always seemed overpower the positive of those who appreciate the brave work of all first responders.  While commenting on Maureen’s offer, Mike said, “It does mean the world to you.”

And nowadays, police officers and all other first responders have a more dangerous job.  Mike feels with more community support, their lives would be less at risk.  “There’s so much negative out there, [Maureen is] trying to give some positive,” Mike said.

For more information about Mo’s Uppercuts, check out their website.

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