Local Government Revealed: Mayor Sandy Goodlett

Sandy Goodlett is the concerned and involved mayor of Lawrenceburg. Frequently you can see him walking around downtown, talking to business owners and citizens alike, getting the feel of the community.  He wants Lawrenceburg to be the best city it can be.  He works hard to make that happen.

Sandy Goodlett (actually Dr. Goodlett since he has a PhD) was born in Lawrenceburg and attended Anderson County High School, graduating in 1959.  He went to college at Eastern Kentucky University, earning both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in education.  He then went to the University of Tennessee and earned his PhD in Curriculum Instruction.

He spent most of his career in education and administration.  He taught high school and then worked in administration at Midway College and Marshall University before moving on to the University of Georgia.  He then finished up at the Family Resource and Youth Services Center for the State of Kentucky.

Dr. Goodlett has a wife, Jamie, and two daughters, Amy and Beth.  He has four grandchildren.  In his spare time, he enjoys genealogy and gardening, although he finds being mayor leaves him little spare time.

One of the top priorities as mayor is setting the agenda for what the city is trying to do.  This can range anywhere from street repairs to a new splash park.  Then he works with his staff and the city council to set the budget for the agenda.

When it comes to setting the agenda, it is important to Mayor Goodlett that a positive image is set for the city and to fully understand what each of his staff and the responsibilities of the different departments he supervises. These departments include police, fire, water and sewer, streets, the cemetery and general administration.

An important part of the agenda setting is prioritizing what needs done.  This can be a challenge for a few reasons, among them  include ordinances or rules that must be followed as well as sometimes people want exceptions made when the exception is not legally allowed.  At the same time, Mayor Goodlett wants people to be educated on what the city’s responsibility is to them.

The mayor gets his greatest reward from being able to help people.  Not surprisingly, his greatest frustration is not being able to help, especially when the an ordinance or the law prevents him.  One of the most rewarding projects since taking over as mayor has been the new city parking lot.  Mayor Goodlett recognizes that many people worked to make this possible.

The parking lot has made it easier to park downtown and that has certainly contributed to the growth of restaurants and shopping.  There is a new business, a coffee shop, opening right next to the parking lot in a few weeks.  He looks forward to the continued revitalization of downtown Lawrenceburg.

Dr. Goodlett is looking forward to the joint tourism commission getting up and running.  With Lawrenceburg’s spot on the Bourbon Trail, he knows that Lawrenceburg is well-positioned to benefit from the tourists that visit here.  There is also a splash park that has been approved.  It is being funded by a federal grant (approved by the Land and Water Conservation Fund).  He is just waiting for the funds to be released and hopes the park will be up and running in the spring.

One of the greatest challenges is the old water delivery system.  There are no cheap fixes, but the mayor and his staff are constantly looking for grants that will either offset or cover most if not all of the expense.

The mayor is focused on keeping Lawrenceburg one of the safest cities in the commonwealth as well as providing quality water, an efficient sewer system, and safe roadways under any conditions. Mayor Goodlett welcomes your observations and suggestions.  Whether you stop by his office or see him walking around the city, he looks forward to talking with you.

-Written by Don West

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  1. Lawrenceburg is so fortunate to have Sandy Goodlett as our Mayor.Such a nice wonderful person.From a wonderful family !!!Thanks Sandy

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