Making It Easier To Help Others

Finding an easier way to help others is something that Ciara Hyatt from Homemade Takeout has recently started.  Having found a number of customers wanting to give to help pay for others meals, Ciara created a “giving board” where people can donate and indicate where the help should go to if they like.

Having been taught from a young age about the importance of giving, Ciara came up with the idea to streamline the process. “The Giving Board came to my mind recently when I was getting my shop prepared for the upcoming busy fall/winter seasons. I thought it would be a great way to allow my customers, who are always so generous, to give to others,” Ciara said.

Knowing from experience the joy of giving without expectation of anything in return, Ciara hung a chalkboard and a box at Homemade Takeout so people who want to donate can indicate where the donation came from and who it should go to if they like. “It is fun to come in when you know you have a family member or friend who is coming to pickup their dinner soon, and surprise them with a free meal or dessert,” Ciara said.

Ciara is also hoping for the idea to inspire others.  “As time goes on, I hope this will inspire others to keep things into perspective. Our money does buy our food and pay our bills, but it is also a way to bless others, and I hope I can make doing that a little easier,” Ciara said.

For more information about Homemade Takeout, check out their Facebook page.

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