Helping Stranded Motorists With Replacing Tires

Jeremy HawkinsSteve CornJeremy Hawkins, Steve Corn, and Jaden Corn

Putting on a spare tire or calling a tow truck when a tire blows is something that everyone who drives a car has probably experienced at one time or another.  But for larger vehicles or times when a tow or spare tire isn’t available, the owners of Anderson County Tire risk their lives to help stranded motorists and truckers get back on the road safely without having to tow their vehicles to a service station.

Steve Corn started Anderson County Tire after working in the roadside service business after graduating from Anderson County High School in 1994.  Steve, along with Jeremy Hawkins and a crew of employees, take tires roadside to replace blown tires for cars, trucks, trailers, and more.  Their crews go anywhere from southern Indiana to Ashland and Cincinnati to Corbin replacing tires.

The job they do, however, is dangerous.  Working near traffic, even with hazard lights and at times law enforcement back up, they have had a number of close calls of being hit as they change blown tires on vehicles like 18 wheelers.  Although they can change a tire in only 7-10 minutes of time, the danger is always present.

But, their courtesy and service they give doesn’t go unnoticed for those stranded.  They have received thank you cards from drivers and are almost always appreciated.  They also give back, offering military discounts, as a way to show appreciation for those who serve our country.

For more information about Anderson County Tire, check out their Facebook page.

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