New Police Officers Introduced and Demolition Set for Woodford St Homes

Jessie Johnston and Kenneth BurrusBlighted House on Woodford StreetMonty Rhody

The Lawrenceburg City Council meeting held last night covered a number of important topics.  First, Police Chief Atkins introduced Jessie Johnston and Kenneth Burrus as new official members of the police department.  Both officers were originally hired earlier in the year and have been training ever since.

Chief Atkins, Mayor Goodlett, and a number of officers attended their graduation from the police academy on Friday, where according to the mayor, Johnston was the top of her class academically. “I’m highly impressed of both of them,” Chief Atkins said as well as saying another new officer will be graduating in November.

Another topic that has been on the minds of many residents on and around East Woodford Street was the blighted houses that were approved to be demolished last month.  According to City Engineer Monty Rhody, the city received six bids for the demolition and Combs Construction and Trucking won the bid with a wide margin.

Combs, which did the demolition of the old garage building on Main Street that was turned into a parking lot last year, came in with an offer of $29,428 which was less than half of what Monty had estimated it would cost.  The other bids were were all over $50,000 with one over $100,000.  “We got a great bid,” Monty said.

The council agreed to go with Combs which should get the permits to start demolition in the next few weeks.  According to Monty, one house has asbestos and is currently being remediated which must be completed before demolition begins.

In other topics, the city passed the first reading of the tax rate which will remain the same this year.  The city was able to use income coming from the alcohol regulatory fee to pay for other expenses this year and are planning to keep the rate flat as long as they can to give citizens a break.

The council also approved a resolution for the city to enter into a $1.985 million loan agreement for the Alton Vacuum Sewer Replacement project.  However, they are hoping to only use half of the funding if they receive a grant.  The council also received a thank you note from the director of the Anderson County Senior Center, Steve Carmichael, for the financial support of the center.

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