Next Step in Stopping Drug Addiction Comes to Anderson County

Ida Roberts and Sherry Walker

Ida Roberts and Sherry Walker

Another step is coming to Anderson County to help end the epidemic of drug and substance addiction that is not only affecting our county, but much of the state as well.  The Anderson County HEROES, which recently held a walk/run from the high school to the court house to take a stand against drug addiction, requested the Addiction Support of Kentucky (ASK) Foundation out of Harrodsburg to see if they would create an office here, in which they agreed.

The ASK Foundation is another relatively new organization started by Ida Roberts, who is a mother of an heroin addict.  When she found out her son was an addict, she began looking to see if anyone could help place her son in a recovery facility.  Not finding any support, she decided to go out on her own and created the foundation to help other families and addicts find treatment and recovery facilities.

They have currently partnered with 20 faith based recovery centers across the state.  They help place addicts in these centers at little to no cost them, provide them transportation there, as well as support for their family members. “The foundation alleviates the excuses,” Ida said as she explained that addicts will use these reasons not to get help.

The foundation also goes beyond just the initial treatment and recovery.  They provide free counseling and family psychological help through two trained professionals that volunteer their own time.  They also have partnered with the local adult education and vocational schools to give basic skills like balancing a check book, job interviews, and more as well as working with local employers who are willing to give second chances to the recovering addicts.

All of these services that are currently being offered in Harrodsburg will soon be available here in Lawrenceburg.  With help from the HEROES group and Jimmy Morgan donating office space on Woodford Street, the foundation will be opening the new office on August 29th.  The office space will also host Narcotics Anonymous meetings as well as meetings for Parents of Addicted Loved Ones, Celebrate Recovery, and Lifeline.

Ida also explained that the foundation is working on creating their own recovery center that will be available for those working with the Anderson County office.  They are planning to create a 50 bed facility with half of the beds allocated to those who can’t afford the treatment and are not insured.  They are also planning to open offices across the state and hope to have one in every county in fives years.

However, the foundation does not receive any state funding, and all the work done is through donations and volunteering.  The new Lawrenceburg office needs donations of office furniture, file cabinets, and professional volunteers that are accredited to work with addicts and provide family psychological help.  But most importantly, they will need funding, including grant writers, to continue, and they hope to involve residents, churches, and businesses in the cause. “It takes a village to raise a child. Well, it takes a whole community to help fight addiction,” Ida said.

For more information, check out the ASK Foundation website and the Anderson County HEROES Facebook page.

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  1. Yes, we must address head on the subject of addiction. Constructive steps are being made to help the addict and their loved ones. Addiction is a disease and must be treated as such. Recovery is possible! Let me repeat, Recovery is possible! My family is proof.

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