Having Fun with Mini Memory Tiles

Jessica Seeberger from Nosy Neighbors Custom Creations is our new craft columnist and has sent in this great little craft idea that is bound to take some of the boredom we all face at doctor’s appointments, kids sports practices, and more:

It’s time to get back to school and back into our normal routines.  Besides the excitement of starting a fresh new year, this season also brings with it lots of busyness.  Like doctor’s appointments, practices, and other things that may require us to hurry up and wait.  And while that has its ups and downs, try throwing a young child or two in the mix who just has to be along for the ride.  They’re bored, they’re tired, and they’re cranky.  Sound familiar?

Well, this month, I’d like to show you how to make a little boredom buster for on the go, Mini Memory Tiles.  This can be a very easy craft you can do with your young child or you can be a little more artsy with it to give yourself a fun DIY craft break.  When you’re done, throw them in your purse, diaper bag, or backpack and you’ll always have a little game to pull out while you’re sitting at the field waiting for practice to be over or at the restaurant waiting for food!  Step by step instructions are included below.

Supplies Needed:
24 Small Wood Craft Tiles (Mine are 1.25 inches)(old scrabble tiles could also be used)
Thick Scrapbook Cardstock cut to same size squares
12 Pairs of Stickers or Photos
Glue Stick
Mod Podge


Step 1:  Glue one cardstock square to each wood tile (found at most craft stores or on Amazon). If you’d prefer, you could just paint each tile your favorite color.  This will make the backs of your memory tiles that will be face up when you start the game.  Try to make the backs as similar as possible to not give away clues to matches.


Step 2:  On each remaining blank side, place one sticker or photo.  For the game that I made, I printed two sets of 12 pictures to the exact size that I needed, cut them out, and glued them on.  It takes a little more prep work to do this, but the results are very nice.  Our kids loved flipping over the tiles and finding pictures of our family on them.


Step 3:  Paint the front and back of your tiles with mod podge.  This will help seal the edges of your paper and stickers and make your pieces last longer.  If you haven’t used Mod Podge before, it’s very easy.  It goes on cloudy so that you can see that you’ve covered everything but it dries clear.  Use even brush strokes all the way to the edge.  You may see some brush texture when it dries, so make it neat!  You can go over the edges to ensure a better seal.  Make sure to let each side dry completely before flipping and before storing.


Step 4:  Find a small bag to put your tiles in (I used a mesh jewelry bag from Oriental Trading) and toss them in a purse or bag.  Now you have on the go entertainment!

Pretty easy, right?  Want a more challenging game?  Add more tiles!  These would also make awesome personalized gifts for your child’s friends, grandparents, or other family members. Also, join us at our Mommy and Me Paint Party on August 18 open to all mothers, grandmothers, aunts and other special ladies with a very important child in their life.  Registration ends August 12.  And keep your eyes peeled for more crafty ideas each month on the Downtown Lawrenceburg KY Facebook page!

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