New Children’s Community Choir Started

Lawrenceburg will soon be home to its very own community children’s choir.  Meredith Hyatt Lewis from the newly opened Lawrenceburg Academy of Performing Arts is working on creating a children’s choir to allow children, who normally can’t participate in school choirs, a chance to sing in a group.

Meredith taught private voice lessons and Kindermusik classes for a number of years before becoming the music director at Saffell Street Elementary.  The school, which at the time was the only one in the district to host a children’s choir, gave her a chance to teach music in a group setting.  She became incredibly passionate about the choir and helped children audition for the all-state choir.

When she decided to leave the school and reopen her music studio, she knew that she wanted to start a children’s choir.  Being a music teacher, she realized that a number of students at the various schools wanted to participate in the choirs but couldn’t because practice was held after school and they wouldn’t have transportation available.

So she has created a new community children’s choir that will meet at more accommodating times for parents so these students can still participate.  Meredith is also keeping the age range open from 9 years old to 17 and basing the structure off of a choir formed for the Olympics in Salt Lake City.

She envisions the new choir to be an integral part of the community and be ambassadors of Lawrenceburg.  “I would like for us to be what people think about when there is a community event to invite us to perform,” Meredith said while giving examples like parades, the Burgoo Festival, and other events.

Because of the wide age range, she will be focusing on a lot of two part music as well as teaching children to sing harmonies together.  She plans on keeping the music selection as broad as possible but also include favorites like the Star Spangled Banner and My Old Kentucky Home.

Meredith also sees the choir as a way for students to work as a group but aren’t interested in sports.  It will give experience to solo singers to sing as a group or team. “I think it’s important as being in any sports team,” she said.

She is now currently holding enrollment for the choir until August 20th.  The choir will require a commitment for the year until next June.  For more information and to register, check out the Lawrenceburg Academy of Performing Arts’ website.

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