Leeann Spivey to Provide In School Medical Clinic Service

Leeann Spivey and Megan Ruth

Leeann Spivey and Megan Ruth

The new school year is just about here, and the new in school medical clinic program is ramping up.  Nurse practitioner Leeann Spivey and nurse Megan Ruth from the Ready Care Clinic have been hired by Cumberland Family Medical to provide the new service at all the schools in the county.

The in school medical clinic program was approved in June by the Anderson County School Board as a way to offer extended medical services to families without parents having to leave work to take their child to the doctor. Cumberland Family Medical, in cooperation with the school board and the Anderson County Health Department, will be providing the medical care and billing for insurance. The health department has set aside an office for Leann and Megan to pick up supplies in the morning, and each school will now feature a small clinic where they will travel to if called upon by the school nurse stationed at a particular school.

According to Leann, if a child is sick at a particular school, the school nurse will still evaluate them like before.  However, if the child fits the criteria that would require being sent home, parents are then given an option via phone call to let Leann treat the child on site or pick them up.

This will allow for faster treatment and evaluation and not require parents to leave work to sit and wait at a doctor’s office.  If it is determined that the child is sick and needs medication, Leann will already have called it into the pharmacy so when the parents get to the school, the medication and child will be ready to go home.

The new program is completely optional as parents will be asked at both the start of the new year and before Leann is called. “The goal is not to replace the primary care provider.  It’s just to offer another avenue to be seen during the school day,” Leann said.

The program will be covering just about anything a standard clinic would normally do except x-rays.  This includes strep throat and flu testing as well as immunizations and small sutures.  They also will be promoting wellness checks for students.

For further information, check out our original story on the program.

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