Heavens to Betsy! Named Ninth in Unforgettable Restaurants in KY

Betsy and Jackson Horton

Lawrenceburg’s very own Heavens to Betsy! restaurant was just recently named ninth in the top eleven secret restaurants in Kentucky that are unforgettable by Only in Your State.  Jackson and Betsy Horton, who own the restaurant, were contacted by a customer about the the list.  They decided to enter and were chosen for the honor.

Heavens to Betsy! is one of downtown Lawrenceburg’s most unique restaurants, offering a complete selection of all handmade sandwiches, sides, and tasty desserts.  According to Jackson, the restaurant has been flourishing with tourists coming from the Kentucky Bourbon Trail.  “The bourbon trail is hopping,” Jackson said.

Betsy originally came up with the idea before they opened their first location in 2009.  She was baking cakes for other restaurants, and friends told her she should open a bakery.  She talked about the idea with Jackson, but it wasn’t until Jackson was laid off from work that they became serious with opening the restaurant.

They chose their first location at a small building on Main Street.  Opening a bakery and deli combo, the new restaurant started taking off, where tour guides from Wild Turkey Distillery decided to stop by and eat.  They loved the food so much that they started telling tourists to eat there.  Soon enough, word got over to Four Roses Distillery, and they started doing the same.

The restaurant was a complete success, but with only 25 seats, they knew that they needed a bigger place.  Looking around at available places on Main Street, they eventually settled on the old Anderson Grill.  They bought the building and renovated it, turning it into the large restaurant that is seen today.

Part of what makes Heavens to Betsy! so popular is the unique way Betsy comes up with a sandwich recipe.  Betsy has always enjoyed making sandwiches, and she goes out to find ideas and puts her twist on them.  Taking the freshest breads, meats, and veggies, she builds a new sandwich and lets all her employees and Jackson give feedback before offering to the public.

Her employees are also the other part of their success.  Betsy views each one as equal and part of her team.  Without them, she knows that she couldn’t be where she’s at now.

And of course, the food is what keeps tourists and locals coming. “[We] got the freshest food. Every sandwich is made to order.  The sides are all homemade.  Nothing comes from a box or a bag,” Jackson said.

For more information about Heavens to Betsy!, check out their Facebook page.

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