Ciara Salsa

Lighting Up Your Chips With This Colorful Dip

July 15, 2016

Salsas and dips don’t have to boring in both flavor and color.  Ciara Hyatt, our food columnist from Homemade Takeout, created this bold dip for a night of fireworks in the sky and on everyone’s chips: When my sister recently had a 4th of July party, I offered to bring chips and dips. I usually […]

It’s a bike. It’s a car. No, it’s an ELF!

July 14, 2016

Ever dream of riding a bicycle in the rain but not getting wet or getting a boost from an electric motor to go further while still having the option to burn calories?  Lawrenceburg resident, Mary Cappello, is living this dream when she bought an Organic Transit ELF. This unique bright orange three wheeled vehicle features […]

Bearcat Pride, Code of Conduct, Daycare Rates and More at School Board Meeting

July 14, 2016

The Anderson County School Board met this past Monday night where a number of important topics were discussed.  Before starting the main part of the meeting, school board member, James Sargent, was recognized by Superintendent Sheila Mitchell and the Kentucky School Board Association for achieving multiple levels in the KSBA Academy of Studies, reaching both […]

Family Run Kentucky Transmissions Celebrates 25th Anniversary

July 13, 2016

Kentucky Transmissions, which is located just off of US127 at the northern end of the county, is celebrating their 25th year in business.  Kerry and Renee Branam are the current operators of the Lawrenceburg business.  But before fixing transmissions, they were landscapers in Indianapolis for nearly 20 years.  Throughout his years as a landscaper, Kerry […]

Many Local Organizations Come Together to Stop Drug Abuse

July 13, 2016

The Anderson County Agency for Substance Abuse Policy held their special meet and greet event last night at the Anderson County Board of Education building where 41 representatives from many various organizations and government bodies came together to show support and collaboration against drug abuse. In attendance were local officials including State Representative James Tipton, […]

Homeschoolers Held Conference to Help Parents

July 13, 2016

With the discussion about transgender bathrooms in schools and other school related news making national headlines, home schooling is becoming more popular.  The Christian Homeschoolers in Lawrenceburg as well as others put together a special conference this past Saturday to not only allow the formation of other homeschooling groups but also to help interested parents […]

MEGA Sports and Arts Camp Promises Learning and Fun

July 13, 2016

Starting this Sunday, First Christian Church will be holding its fifth annual Mega Sports and Arts Kids Camp, featuring a dozen different types of activities for any child in the county.  It’s promising to not only be fun but also be educational for whatever sport or art a child chooses to participate in. Reverend Micki […]

City Council Addresses Fireworks and Woodford Street Abandoned Homes

July 12, 2016

During last night’s city council meeting, the council addressed a concern that has been a focus for many in the city.  Lighting of fireworks before and after Fourth of July seems to have increased with possibly larger and louder fireworks being shot. Police Chief Chris Atkins, during the departmental reports, explained that this was a […]

Prayer for Racial Unity and Love for Everyone

July 12, 2016

Last night, APEX Ministries of Lawrenceburg held a special moment of prayer on the lawn of the Anderson County Court House in recognition of the recent tragic killings and to bring racial unity for our community and beyond.  Many were present for the prayer, including a number of local officials.  Judge Executive Orbrey Gritton lead […]