Dry Needling to Help Alleviate Pain

Walter Luttrell, Matt Berry, Austin Clark

Although it looks painful, dry needling is a new healing approach making its way to Lawrenceburg.  Now done by Matthew Berry at Kort Physical Therapy, the idea of dry needling is to stimulate healing by inserting a small needle in painful areas.

According to Matt, who was just recently trained in the method, dry needling is similar to acupuncture, but is more based on strict anatomy.  The needles, which are quite thin, are placed in areas where there are painful knots in the muscles, tendons, ligaments, or near nerves, and that stimulates the healing response.

Matt said that the method is exceptionally good for chronic pain, especially in injuries caused by motor vehicle accidents or repetitive stress like tennis elbow.  Tendinitis, jaw pain, and even tension related headaches can be relieved through the method.

Another new program offered at Kort is targeting those with orthopedic injuries to heal and lose weight.  Called the POWR Program (Personalized Orthopedic Weight Reduction), Matt explained that many patients with orthopedic injuries struggle with the healing process due to excess weight causing additional pain.

“It’s a really good holistic approach that not only looks at the physical side that we are so accustomed to, but it also looks at dietary consumption and different types of stresses that can contribute to weight gain,” Matt said.

The program, which is covered by most insurance companies, couples physical therapy and exercise/nutritional advice.  According to Matt, the program tracks what patients eat and then offers guidance to help reduce weight.  The program is a win-win for patients.  “Not only are we hopefully helping with their pain, but just making them healthier in general,” Matt said.

Matt also has two new physical therapists, helping to treat Lawrenceburg residents.   Walter Luttrell, who graduated from Walsh University in May, is excited to start helping people.  Austin Clark, a western Kentucky native, graduated in April from the University of St Augustine in April.  “It’s good to be back in Kentucky,”  Austin said.

For more information about Kort Physical Therapy, check out their website.

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