Bringing the Passion Back to the Game of Soccer

Co-coaches Steven Maxwell and Chris ThompsonCoach Steven Maxwell, Jack Potter, Tristan Wohnhas, Juan Alvarez, James Maxwell, Joshua Garcia, Abbie Grzynkowicz, Catherine McGrath, Olivia Griffin, Kaitlyn, Jude, and Coach Chris Thompson; Haleigh Snipes and Rylie Young Not in PhotoPhoto Provided of the Team's First Game

Two passionate coaches, parents, and twelve kids have come together to create a brand new soccer team dedicated to not only creating great players but also rebuild the popularity of the game.  The new Y12 Anderson Freedom team promises to focus on creating a disciplined soccer team, with dedication to the sport.

Steven Maxwell and Chris Thompson started the Anderson Freedom team after coaching a number of years as part of the Anderson Independent Youth Soccer Association as well as creating teams for various tournaments.  Over the years, they have seen signups for soccer dwindle.  From pressure from other sports and not enough dedication and promotion of soccer, they felt like they could refire the passion for the sport on their own. “[We’re] trying to regrow the game of soccer in our community,” Steven said.

With a few phone calls, it didn’t take long to gather enough players for their completely independent team.  Parents came on board and paid for the uniforms and even children that didn’t make the team still showed up to help those who did make it prepare.  The passion for the sport could easily be seen among everyone who helped create the new team.

But the purpose of the team goes beyond just soccer.  Both Steve and Chris who co-coach want to do more than just teach them proper game play.  They teach discipline, character, and preparing the kids to be better citizens when they become adults. “We’re trying to make a difference in the kids’ minds,” Chris said.

And their preparation has already paid off.  They have won their first game in Versailles and are working to play at the Bluegrass State Games.  Although they are limited in what teams they can play against as they are not affiliated with any association, they see a future to really rebuild the sport. “[We want to] encourage people that don’t know anything about soccer to come out and check it out,” Chris said.

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  1. Good job coach Chris and coach Steve. Y’all are both great coaches can’t wait to see you both and the whole team love y’all so much. Sorry couldn’t make it today because i was heading home from the beach but heard y’all one the first game and lost the second game. I take soccer very serious like all the team. I’ll bring my A game tomorrow and bring out a win with the team. Love Anderson Freedom so much. See y’all tomorrow.
    Rylie Young

  2. Hey just wanted to say thanks for the article its a great feeling to make a difference in kids lives hope to continue growing and accepting youth of all ages to geow the great sport of soccer keep up the good work !

  3. Thanks for the great article! I can’t say enough about the kids dedication to growing their character on and off the soccer field. Thanks also to the parents and Grandparents who have taken time to bring the kids to practice and who put the trust in Chris and myself to teach these kids about soccer as well as other life skills.

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