8 New Amateur Radio Operators Licensed to Help During Disasters

Brian Carter, KI4TLW, Anderson Radio Club president, contemplates the outcome of the testing session. Jerry Shouse, K4TG, prepares documents to be sent to the FCC.Several taking examinations while others wait for their test to be graded.John Marks (KM4CH) waits for his part of grading while Odis Carrol (W4IOD), and Doyle Mills (WD4HXE) grade the exams. The FCC requires 3 examiners to grade each test before a pass or fail is given.After the testing session, Jerry Shouse (K4TG) gives the club members and visitors a lesson on lead acid batteries, which are used frequently with amateur radio equipment.

The Anderson Radio Club, your local amateur radio group held a testing session this past Tuesday followed by the regular monthly meeting. The K4TG VE team, part of the Anderson Radio Club, has a testing session once per quarter every year. These testing sessions are open to individuals who would like to become amateur radio operators, or for those already licensed by the FCC and would like to upgrade their license. There are three levels of licensing. This testing session provided 8 new licensed amateur radio operators to the community.

The members of Anderson Radio Club are excited to bring new interest in amateur radio. The club holds a monthly meeting on the third Thursday of each month to discuss local, regional, national, or worldwide events utilizing amateur radio operators. These meetings are also to help various members and visitors learn more about amateur radio. All are welcome.

The club also holds a meeting weekly using the radio equipment of the local licensed operators in Anderson and surrounding counties. This meeting, termed a “net” is held “on” the radio where “stations,” licensed operators, call in to check their radio equipment. Amateur radio operators often provide communications when other means are broken during a time of disaster. All licensed operators are welcome to join the net which occurs every Thursday. All are welcome to the physical meeting.

For more information feel free to visit the club website, or their new Facebook page.

-Written by Greg Walters (KY4GW)

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