Teachers and Staff Continue Creating Best Environment at Christian Academy

Michelle RobinsonPrincipal Sandra BowmanSarah CumminsMelissa BurtonSchool Administrator Jason Gribbins

As the new school year approaches, the Christian Academy of Lawrenceburg is continuing in creating the best environment for both students and teachers.  The school has a long standing tradition to not only have a more adaptable learning environment for students, but also encourage the teachers to continue improving themselves with their own education.

School administrator, Jason Gribbins, explained that the classroom and professional environment at the school is beneficial for everyone.  Teachers are given more freedom to adjust their curriculum to suit the students needs.  They also keep a low student to teacher ratio to allow the teachers to get to know more of the students.

Third grade teacher, Melissa Burton, found the class sizes to be particularly great.  Melissa, who taught in public schools in Fayette, Franklin, and Scott Counties, find that with under 10 students in her classroom, she can get to really know them and tailor the curriculum even on a daily basis.  That in turn, also helps the relationship between the teacher and parents. “When parents feel that you love their kids, they are very receptive,” Melissa said.

Sandra Bowman, principal at CAL, explained that most of the school’s teachers also take the next step in their own education by pursuing a graduate degree in their chosen field.  She explained that they either already have a Master’s degree or are currently in a program now.

Kindergarten teacher, Sarah Cummins is one of these teachers.  Sarah originally started by just enrolling her son in the school.  Having liked what she saw, when given the chance to work with preschool children, she decided to jump at the opportunity.  She then started working as a Kindergarten teacher and is now pursuing a Master’s degree in early education.

But one area at the school really stands out for her.  “I’ve never been someplace that I knew that I can go to anybody that I work with and ask them to pray over something with me,” Sarah said.

The spiritual aspect and openness amongst the faculty and staff to help one another is something that is shared by everyone at the school and shows through to the students.  Preschool director, Michelle Robinson, believes that parents bring their children to the school for the loving environment and the Christian base.  Michelle, who is friends with many teachers and staff, said, “I love coming to work.”

The school really lives by what is taught.  One of the biggest areas the school focuses on with their students outside of straight academics is character development.  According to Jason, he is finding that many human resource officers in the private sector are having a hard time finding employees with good character.  They may have the technical skills, but more often than not, they don’t have a good work ethic or work well with others.  From administrators, to teachers, to students, CAL has created a great community.

For more information about the Christian Academy of Lawrenceburg, check out their website.

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  1. CAL in Lawrenceburg Ky, offers they highest quality education, along with The principals that are important to our creator & savior. Highly recommend👆

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