A Love for Animals Leads to New Business

A new shop opened towards the north end of the county dedicated to keeping man’s best friend clean and well groomed.  Doggy Stylz Dog Salon at Eagle Lake opened last month by experienced dog groomer, Michelle Downs.

Michelle, who has also been a nurse for 14 years, started grooming back when she was a young teen. Her mother’s best friend owned a grooming shop, and she would help out during her high school years.

After graduating high school, she decided to go into nursing to follow her dream of being a caretaker. “I was born a caretaker,” Michelle said.

Through the years, however, she never gave up her grooming business, at times grooming from her home.  Her love of animals and dogs kept growing.  She then decided to go full time grooming and opened up her shop at Eagle Lake.

Her love of animals and dogs, in particular, shows greatly.  She’s said that she has had dogs that normally are not the most people friendly, get very comfortable and shock their owners when they didn’t want to leave after they were groomed.

At Doggy Stylz Dog Salon, Michelle offers the usual bathing, grooming, nail cutting but also makes sure to clean and remove mats around the eyes and ears as that is critical for dogs.  She also has a new deshedding treatment that many customers are reporting works incredibly well.

For more information about Doggy Stylz Salon, check out their Facebook page.  Michelle is also offering a referral discount for referring friends.

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