Local Government Revealed: City Clerk Robbie Hume

Robbie Hume is the Lawrenceburg City Clerk & Administrator.  Wearing these two hats keeps him very busy, but all for the good of the citizens of Lawrenceburg.  He is frequently the primary point of contact for citizens with questions, suggestions or problems when dealing with city government.  He gets great satisfaction from being able to help.

Robbie was born and raised in Anderson County.  His first six years of school were in Western Anderson, but the family moved to the city, and he graduated from Anderson County High School in 1989.  He and his wife Nicole have been married for 24 years and have four children.  They got married on Valentine’s day so Robbie never has an excuse to forget an anniversary.  He enjoys camping, hunting, fishing and golf, and processing his own meat.  He also likes to cook.

He has been the city clerk for just over 9 years.  He has spent four terms on the city council, beginning in 1996.  Then he used his background as a volunteer fireman (since 1990) to go to the Anderson County Health Department in the Emergency Service’s Department.  That position was in conflict with being on the city council so he stepped aside until he became the city clerk.

Mr. Hume’s responsibilities include preserving the city records and keeping up with state and federal laws. This is important information for the city council and mayor.  The city can pass laws that are more restrictive than a state or federal law, but cannot pass laws that are less restrictive.  For example, the state law sets the laws for sales and drinking alcohol at 21 years old.  The city can tighten those laws, even going the point of creating a dry city.  However, the city cannot lower the drinking age to 18.  It is the responsibility of the city clerk to make sure city laws are in conformance with the state and federal laws.

He also drafts proposed legislation for the mayor and city council.  He communicates with neighboring communities to get their guidance so that Lawrenceburg can benefit from their experience and not reinvent the wheel.

Robbie does all he can to help the people of Lawrenceburg.  Since he is responsible for much of the day to day operation of the city government, he wants people to get the most they can from their elected officials.  He knows he can not make everyone happy all the time, but he tries.  And if and when mistakes are made, own it and fix it is his philosophy.

As part of being the city clerk, Mr Hume oversees the water department, the cemetery, tax collection and business licensing.  He is also the ABC coordinator and collects the licensing fees.  He works with city and county leadership to plan for the future.

He wants to see the progress that has been made recently to continue.  Having a website, online pay for different fees and keeping the parks clean are just a few of the areas he works on.  He is also concerned with tourism, including downtown and other city planning which strives to have future development be a healthy balance for local people and tourism.  He strives to help Lawrenceburg develop niche markets to draw the tourists and provide local customers for businesses.

Mr. Hume views the responsibility the city has with tax revenue seriously.  He wants to be as efficient as possible and eliminate waste.  For the state of Kentucky, Lawrenceburg is actually one of the larger cities.  Yet it is one of only two cities without a payroll or occupation tax.  The vast major of tax revenue comes from property taxes and insurance premiums.

Robbie will freely tell you that Lawrenceburg has an open government.  If you want to talk with Robbie, the mayor or any other official, just stop by.  If they cannot see you then, you can set up an appointment.  They want to provide a quality of life in Lawrenceburg so people look forward to coming home.

-Written by Don West

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