Ghost Walk to Start with Brand New Route

Jeff Waldridge

Jeff Waldridge

A big tradition downtown is set to come back this summer with a brand new route.  The Lawrenceburg Ghost Walk, created by Jeff Waldridge, will be kicking off the first tour of the year this Saturday night.  According to Jeff, the walk will feature a brand new route, encompassing the buildings near the corner of Main and Woodford Streets.

Jeff will be presenting history and paranormal evidence of hauntings for buildings like city hall, Ballard’s Drug Store which is now Sweet Mash, and more.  He’ll also be showing what used to stand where the county clerk’s office is now located. “A lot of people don’t realize where the [county] clerk’s office is, was a group of buildings that housed a theater,” Jeff said.

The walk will also feature a more detailed ghost hunt and tour at the old TB Ripy House on South Main Street. “In past years, we only went a little place downstairs and a little place upstairs.  This year we will go a little bit more into the house,” Jeff said.

The tour will start this Saturday at 8pm at the county clerk’s office and then back south, covering most of the main downtown area, including the court house.  Jeff will be using a tablet to show the history and evidence he has collected of different hauntings at the buildings.  The tour will end at the old TB Ripy House.

Tickets are available at the visitor center or can be purchased online or reserved via phone at 502-510-8777.  Tickets are $10 per person.  For more information about the tour, check out their Facebook page.

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