Library Keeps Tax Rate, Takes First Step in Expansion Project

Library Director Pam Marks, Bond Counsel Christian Juckett, and Board President Bryan Proctor Signing Bond Resolution

Library Director Pam Marks, Bond Counsel Christian Juckett, and Board President Bryan Proctor Signing Bond Resolution

The Anderson Public Library took their first crucial step this past Tuesday to start the expansion project that has been planned for over a year.  The expansion project will help create more room for services and educational opportunities for children and adults of the county.  Architects, financial advisors, and lawyers were present at the library board meeting to present the various paperwork needed to begin.

Representatives from the architectural firm, Brandstetter Carroll, were there to present to the board with the results of the bidding for the construction process.  They vetted three construction companies, and Hawkins Construction came in with the lowest price at $3,983,000 with a $200,000 contingency for unplanned changes.  Hawkins, which also built the previous extension at the library, was approved by the board.

To pay for the project, the library will be putting down $1million out of its own account and the rest of the cost will be raised through a bond sale.  Bond Counsel Christian Juckett presented to the board a bond resolution which was signed and accepted by the board.  According to Christian, the bonds will go on sale on August 2nd.

With extremely good financial planning, the board voted to not raise taxes for the coming year despite the expansion project.  “I know when we moved forward with this project, one of the things I said is we’re moving forward and we’re not raising our taxes to do it,” board president, Bryan Proctor, said.  Bryan further indicated that the library has stayed at the same tax rate for the past three years and even dropped the tax rate before that.  The taxes will remain at 8.4 cents per $100 of value for both real and personal property.

The board also made a motion to thank director Pam Marks for the hard work she has been doing with a raise of $7,000.  Since Pam, who was the assistant director, became the new director seven months ago without hiring a new assistant, the board felt she was doing the job of multiple employees and deserved to be compensated for the great work she has been doing.  “This isn’t just a job, this is a passion for you,” Bryan said.

For the move, the temporary location is also nearing completion with air conditioning and final layout for the book shelves being finalized.  Pam indicated that the move will begin soon, and the library will most likely be closed for about a month to finish setting up at the temporary location.

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