It’s a bike. It’s a car. No, it’s an ELF!

Ever dream of riding a bicycle in the rain but not getting wet or getting a boost from an electric motor to go further while still having the option to burn calories?  Lawrenceburg resident, Mary Cappello, is living this dream when she bought an Organic Transit ELF.

This unique bright orange three wheeled vehicle features a composite body, an electric assist motor, and a solar panel on the roof to charge the battery while driving.  Legally classified as a bicycle, the ELF, which stands for electric, light, and fun, doesn’t require a license to drive or license plates but yet still provides some comforts found in cars like a roof, windshield, suspension, full directional lights and more.

Mary bought the ELF after a leg injury caused her to lose mobility and gain weight.  She thought the idea of the ELF would help her lose weight where she could pedal and use the electric assist.  The extra exercise did the job, and she lost considerable weight.

Nowadays, you’ll see Mary driving her ELF back and forth from her house to Walmart.  She said the vehicle can handle up to 10 grocery bags in the back with a total payload of around 300lb.  She won’t drive it on the large streets like US127 Bypass, but it works great on Glensboro Road.

Mary said that her ELF can be either charged by just leaving it out in the sun or plugging it in.  The battery operates the electric motor, lights, and the radio that she installed.  She is also planning to upgrade it with a special electrical controller that will tell how much power she has left in the battery, how fast it’s being charged by the solar panel, and control how the power is used.  It’ll also have a speedometer.

The base model that Mary originally purchased started at $5599, but is now priced starting at $6995 which include many updates.  Her model can only seat one person, but she said that there is a model that offers a passenger seat.  For more information about the ELF, check out their website.

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