MEGA Sports and Arts Camp Promises Learning and Fun

Starting this Sunday, First Christian Church will be holding its fifth annual Mega Sports and Arts Kids Camp, featuring a dozen different types of activities for any child in the county.  It’s promising to not only be fun but also be educational for whatever sport or art a child chooses to participate in.

Reverend Micki McHugh started the camp five years.  She always wanted to do a sports camp and after finding a curriculum, the idea came together with support from members of the church and community.  In the following year, she expanded it to include art for children not interested in sports.  At that point, the camp took off and is now averaging over 100 children each year.

According to Micki, the children get to choose one particular sport or art and immerse themselves in it for the four days of the camp.  Because the volunteers who teach or coach the classes are knowledgeable in their field which include some school coaches and actual artists, the children get to leave with a real skill. “A skill that they can learn, not just a paper plate craft,” Micki said.

Each year, the church changes the sports and arts offered depending on attendance last year.  For this year, they are offering basketball, fishing, soccer, golf, cheer, and archery for the sports and stain glass, creation garden, recycled art, glass etching, mosaics, and sign language for the arts.

The camp is free but does require registration.  For more information on times and restriction as well as to fill out the registration form, check out their Facebook post.

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