Many Local Organizations Come Together to Stop Drug Abuse

Nancy RuegerState Representative James TiptonSuperintendent Sheila MitchellMarilyn Proctor and Chee Chee Rogers

The Anderson County Agency for Substance Abuse Policy held their special meet and greet event last night at the Anderson County Board of Education building where 41 representatives from many various organizations and government bodies came together to show support and collaboration against drug abuse.

In attendance were local officials including State Representative James Tipton, Judge Executive Orbrey Gritton, Mayor Sandy Goodlett, Deputy Coroner Danny Caudill, and Superintendent Sheila Mitchell.  There were also representatives from Bluegrass Community Action, Anderson Community Education, CASA, Anderson Public Library, Anderson County Senior Center, Family Care Medical, PAL & HEROES, Isaiah House, ASK, Kiwanis Club, a number of churches, and more.

Together, the group got to coordinate efforts and listen to some of the projects AC-ASAP is planning.  According to AC-ASAP chair person, Nancy Rueger, they are planning a program called Anderson County Eats Together, which will be challenging participating families to eat three meals together a week for two months.  Nancy explained that research has shown this to be an effective measure to help a multitude of problems, including drug addiction.

A number present showed interest in helping with the project including Diana Shaffner from GA Sanctuaries.  Diana explained that she has a large barn that would serve as a great space for the final celebration dinner.

Nancy also explained about the ASAP Saving Our Students group in the Anderson County High School.  The SOS group has caught the attention of Governor Matt Bevin who is supportive of all the work being done by the various organizations in the county to stop drug abuse.  “We all have our individual outreaches already, but what we can do when we weave all those individual ropes together, we can do an amazing net under and around this community,” Nancy said.

The representatives present were impressed with the cooperation, and how many were there to show support.  State Representative James Tipton said, “Lot of times people think in Frankfort we get together and come up with solutions…Really, the local level is where we need to work together, start at the local level and work its way back up.  Because that’s where the ideas can really come from on the ground.  So I’m excited.”

Superintendent Sheila Mitchell was also impressed: “I’m impressed with the amount of people who showed up for the event…I really think a lot of good things will start happening once the group pulls ideas and things together.  The ASAP board has been very strong.  It has been growing with ideas.”

Representatives from the LIGHT Center, who deal with drug addiction on a regular basis, were glad to see the collaboration.  Marilyn Proctor said, “I thought it was good, especially the meal program to get the word out.”  Chee Chee Rogers also added, “I was amazed how many different agencies were here.”

For more information about AC-ASAP, check out their Facebook page.

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