Homeschoolers Held Conference to Help Parents

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With the discussion about transgender bathrooms in schools and other school related news making national headlines, home schooling is becoming more popular.  The Christian Homeschoolers in Lawrenceburg as well as others put together a special conference this past Saturday to not only allow the formation of other homeschooling groups but also to help interested parents in transitioning to homeschooling.

According to Kelli Wilder, one of the organizers of the Homeschool Under Construction Conference at Sand Spring Baptist Church, explained that there were two main reasons why the conference was created.  In the local area, homeschool co-op groups that help bring parents and children together to augment the homeschool experience are all filled and have waiting lists.  She and a number of other parents decided to hold the conference to bring more people together to allow the creation of more groups.

The other major issue is that Kelli is seeing a major uptick in parents interested in homeschooling their children.  According to Kelli, she has heard that there was a 20% increase in homeschool enrollment in other states within just two weeks after the start of the transgender bathroom issue that was raised earlier in the year.  She is seeing that as the federal government involves itself more in local schooling issues, the more parents are interested in homeschooling.

But Kelli sees that as a major concern.  Without proper support, many parents will be going down the homeschooling route with little to no knowledge on how to proceed safely and correctly to ensure not only a proper education but also not end up failing a few months later and re-enrolling their child in public school.  “They need the support and encouragement to know how to homeschool their kids,” Kelli said.

So Kelli and the other organizers put together the first of possibly more conferences to provide resources to parents interested in the system and go through the legalities of it.  The conference brought together a number of experts and those experienced in homeschooling to talk about all different types of topics in various sessions throughout the day.

For more information about homeschooling, call Kelli at 859-806-2102.

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