City Council Addresses Fireworks and Woodford Street Abandoned Homes

During last night’s city council meeting, the council addressed a concern that has been a focus for many in the city.  Lighting of fireworks before and after Fourth of July seems to have increased with possibly larger and louder fireworks being shot.

Police Chief Chris Atkins, during the departmental reports, explained that this was a big issue.  “Over the last two or three weeks, we had probably over 200 calls about loud noises,” Chris said.  He also hoped that the council may create new regulations on when to shoot fireworks for next year.

At the end of the meeting, Mayor Goodlett agreed.  He said that he heard more and read more complaints about noise coming from fireworks than ever before.  To him, it seemed like the fireworks were stronger and louder than in previous years.

The mayor announced that he has begun the process of looking into creating a fireworks ordinance. “I have instructed [City Attorney] Mr Myles to look into fireworks ordinances to see what’s going on in other places,” he said.  He also said that he will bring this to the proper committee when the time is right.

Another major concern for many on Woodford Street was also addressed last night.  Mayor Goodlett gave an update on the four abandoned homes on Woodford Street.  The city has covered every legal base before proceeding on foreclosing on the properties.  Mayor Goodlett is expecting to have open bidding for their demolition by the end of the month.

He also explained that this wasn’t an easy decision for him to make as he believes strongly in personal property rights.  However, the houses in question are posing a danger to neighboring residents.

During the rest of the meeting, Fire Chief Bobby Hume and Mayor Goodlett gave credit to the hard working city water maintenance crew for fixing a major water line that supplied water to the South Anderson Water District.  According to the mayor, South Anderson’s tank was nearly dry before the line was repaired.  It took crews till the early hours on Sunday morning to repair it.

Mayor Goodlett also asked Police Chief Chris Atkins about the new police recruits.  Two recruits will be graduating from the academy at the beginning of next month, and Chris said that they’re going to be great. “You couldn’t ask for better first responders anywhere in the country than what we got here in Anderson County,” Chris said.  Mayor Goodlett responded, “We think you’re doing an excellent job.”

The council also approved a resolution to allow the city to enter into a co-op program from the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet for road aid as well as approving a bid for the Four Roses sewer project that was significantly less than the estimate.

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