Creating a United Stance Against Drug and Substance Abuse

The Anderson County Agency for Substance Abuse Policy is taking the next step to organize a collective force to help prevent and stop drug abuse.  They will be hosting a special meet and greet event to bring together organizations and interested individuals from around the county to share contact information and coordinate efforts to bring an even greater impact to stopping drug use here.

AC-ASAP primarily focuses on prevention of drug and substance abuse and wants to bring together all other organizations, including recovery, treatment, churches, and more to lend and pool support in an united stance.  Nancy Rueger, chairperson for AC-ASAP, explained that they would like to provide support for events like the HEREOS walk that happened this past Friday, but unfortunately didn’t know about it early enough to organize help.

With a coordinated effort, bigger events can be created to make an even bigger impact. “It’s a small community, and I think there’s opportunity for some really powerful change when we all get together,” Nancy said.

The meet and greet will be held this Tuesday at 4:30pm to 6pm at the Anderson County Board of Education Building in the training room.  Anyone interested in stopping drug or alcohol abuse is welcome to attend.  For more information about AC-ASAP, check out their Facebook page.

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