Longest Day of Play Draws Hundreds of Children

Quartus and Kenan GettelfingerPam Brough, Chayse Puckett and Kamryn CarmickleJeremy Dickerson and Gabe UebelDonated Water from WalmartCameron, Kenyan, and OC JonesKaren Tucker, President of Anderson Humane, and EliDonna Nicolette

Today is the Anderson County Longest Day of Play and hundreds of children from around the county have and still are participating in the event.  Sponsored by the Anderson County Chamber of Commerce, the longest day was started as a way to not only show children that exercise and outdoor activities can be fun but also as a way to get new members of the community to get involved and learn more about various services and businesses in the county.

For this year’s event, chamber member Gabe Uebel is expecting over 900 children will be participating along with 32 different vendors.  Each vendor, which includes Kelly Puckett Dance Studio, Farmers Bank, the Anderson Humane Society, Scott Brown Karate Academy, and many more, have set up various activities for the children.  Each child then can go to each vendor and have fun while receiving giveaways and more.

According to chamber president, Pam Brough, a number of businesses have stepped up and helped make the longest day a fun event, especially on this warm night.  Walmart, in particular, donated 42 cases of water for the children.

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