Humane Society Breaks Ground on Memorial Garden

Cheryl Steenerson, Donna Callahan, Judge Executive Orbrey Gritton, and Karen TuckerCheryl Steenerson Holding Plans for the Garden

The Anderson Humane Society broke ground today on a new project that will not only help memorialize lost pets but also help seniors with pets find temporary foster care during extended hospital stays and more. The society will be installing a memorial garden full of perennial flowers and custom made bricks so that pet owners can purchase a brick to memorialize their pets that have past away.

Cheryl Steenerson, former president of the society, explained that the garden will be planted in the shape of their logo with a blue circular background of geraniums, the dog made from yellow Rudbeckia, and the cat from white cone flowers.  There will be a path encircling the garden made of custom bricks along with a few painted ones they have already.  Two benches will also be installed on each side.

According to the society’s president, Karen Tucker, they have been planning on creating a memorial garden near the adoption center for a number of years.  However, now with the society taking on their new SAFE (Senior Assist Foster and Educate) program, they needed to find a way to raise more funds for the program.

The SAFE program will be providing assistance for seniors with pets which will include temporary fostering during extended hospital stays, pet and supply transport, and more.  The bricks for the memorial garden will, in part, help fund the program.  According to Karen, the bricks are not available for sale yet.  More details will be released as the project continues.

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