High School Student Creates Video on Stopped Trains Problem

Steven McKaig and Jacob Downing

Steven McKaig and Jacob Downing

Trains stopping on the tracks here in Lawrenceburg have been a growing problem especially for emergency responders, and an Anderson County High School student decided to create a video about the problem after being asked by a city council member to produce a video based on the topic.

Jacob Downing is a junior at ACHS with keen interest in video production as well as possibly pursuing it as a career.  ACHS technology teacher, Steven McKaig, said that Jacob created exceptional videos in past classes, so when he got a request from City Council Member Tommy Vaughn about finding a student to create a video on the train problem, he immediately thought about Jacob.

Jacob took on the project by himself, documenting and researching various topics.  After talking with a number of people, he realized that many have seen emergency vehicles blocked by trains stopped on the crossings.  He looked up the locations of police stations, fire stations, and others to asses where the problem was most severe.

After gathering his research, he put together the short video below to give an idea of where and how the train impacts emergency responders.  The project was done entirely by Jacob outside of any class with only proofreading done by Steven.

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