Community Theater Promises Comedy Gold with Noises Off

Cast Members of Noises OffCast and Crew of Noises OffDirector Shawn Reaves started in theater in 1999 and has been involved with ACCT since then.Angie Robinson, plays Dotty Otley/Mrs Clackett, has been with the theatre for 20 years.Richard Abbott, set construction, has been involved in theater since 10 years old and is from Frankfort.Desiree White-Douglas, plays Belinda Blair/Flavia Brent, is a board member of ACCT.Kyle Stratton, plays Selsdon Mowbray, started with the theatre with Dracula.Joann Powell, stage manager, has been with ACCT on and off since 2001.Erin Mentzer, plays Poppy Nortan-Taylor/Assistant Stage Manager, has acted since a child and first time with ACCT.Kennedy Douglas, Assistant Director, has been involved with ACCT since six years old.David Karsner, plays Freddy Fellowes/Philip Brent, has been acting for 30 years and first time with ACCT.Michael Ritchie, plays Garry Lejeune/Roger, used to perform in school. Resumed this year with Twelve Angry Men performance in Frankfort.Louis Wright, plays Stage Manager Tim Allgood, performed in high school and recently in Dracula as the monster.Lori Gresham, plays Brooke Ashton/Vicky, moved to Anderson County three years ago and has been helping with ACCT since.Breck Reliford, plays director Lloyd Dallas, and was also apart of Twelve Angry Men performance in Frankfort.

The Anderson County Community Theatre is promising a superbly funny performance these next two weekends as they create their rendition of Noises Off.  The play is set as a play-within-a-play where an entire set and cast of actors and actresses will be performing a play called “Nothing On” from within, showing all the drama, mistakes, and comedic happenings from both front stage and back.

Director Shawn Reaves, who has been a part of different community theater performances for nearly 20 years, said that the ACCT performance will be based on the same script as the one used that was recently made into a revival on Broadway and was nominated for multiple Tony Awards.  He explained that the premise of the show is that there is an overambitious director and a mediocre cast of actors trying to put on a play and they’re not very good at it.  So as everything falls apart, comedy gold ensues.

What really gives the show its realistic play-within-a-play feel is one very large and important piece.  Featured center stage is a massive set that is built on 12 rolling casters to allow it to rotate in the middle of the performance so the audience can see what happens back stage.  According to Angi Robinson, who plays Dotty Otley/Mrs Clackett and has been involved in the theater for 20 years, explained that she was trying to get them to do the play for 10 years, but building the set always held them back.

However, with a little luck and a lot of effort, they were able to buy the set from Rohs Theater in Cynthiana, which just finished up their performance of the play.  Set construction manager Richard Abbott explained they had to disassemble the massive set, transport it to Lawrenceburg, and reassemble it while modifying it to fit the Bearcat Theater Stage. But, if it wasn’t for the prebuilt set, he figured they would still be trying to construct it.

Desiree White-Douglas, board member of ACCT and who also plays Belinda Blair/Flavia Brent, said that only five out of the nine cast members have played in other ACCT performances.  A number of cast members have come from other areas including Frankfort and the Bluegrass Theater Guild.  She has found everyone to work exceptional well together to put on one hilarious performance.

For show times and more information, including ticket prices, check out our event calendar.  For more information about the Anderson County Community Theatre, check out their Facebook page.

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  1. Outstanding performance tonight! Very talented actors & actresses. I’m the proud mom of actor, Kyle Stratton.

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