Taking Lawrenceburg Beautification to the Next Level

Leslie Pittenger, Joey Carbajal, and Kristin PategasJudges Meeting with City Officials

The City of Lawrenceburg, local businesses and residents are taking downtown beautification to the next level.  As announced in the April city council meeting, Joey Carbajal of Carbajal Garden Center started an initiative to enter Lawrenceburg in a nationwide competition called America in Bloom.  The program’s goal is to not only hold a fun competition among cities but also use it as a way to share methods to beautify and improve landscapes, urban forestry, and overall impression.

As part of the program, two judges were here in town these last few days to not only tour the city but also meet with city officials to talk about how America in Bloom can help.  Leslie Pittenger from Ohio and Kristin Pategas from Florida explained how the process works to city officials and areas where the city can improve. “We can help you in creating a more vibrant community, a community that is going to be more welcoming for tourists to come through and also that the residents can enjoy,” Kristin said.

Leslie and Kristin toured the city looking at six specific criteria for the competition and areas for improvement.  Floral displays, landscape areas, urban forestry, promotion of historic heritage, environmental considerations, and just overall impression were the main criteria.  The two will be building a report from their tour, using knowledge of systems that work in other cities to find better ways to improve Lawrenceburg.

City Clerk Robbie Hume was glad to have America in Bloom in Lawrenceburg, thanking Joey for the initiative.  “Joey has been the backbone of this project,” Robbie said.  He also commented how the program will be useful in gaining more information on a streetscape project for Main Street that the city has been contemplating on for sometime.

From this point, the judges will travel to other cities, and Lawrenceburg will be compared with other cities in the same class size.  If Lawrenceburg wins, they’ll receive an award at the end of the year at the national awards ceremony.  Just for participating, the city will receive a sign and will be marked on the map at the America in Bloom website.

Other cities in Kentucky have participated in the program and received considerable benefits.  Most notably, Lexington has been competing since 2008 and has won multiple awards.  According to the judges, cities participating in the competition help improve tourism and build more community pride through volunteer projects.

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