Miss Pre-Teen Wins After Last Minute Entry

Summer, Jazmin, and Chuck GraceJazmin Grace with Grandparents Dora Hardin, Georgin Willard, and Herbie MavleyMia FlynnMia Flynn

After the younger children pageants early today at the Lawrenceburg Fair and Horse Show, the ten through twelve year old pre-teen pageant featured some amazing young ladies of Anderson County.  There were five contestants participating and answering what is most important in their lives.

Runner up Mia Flynn, 11 years old, attends Anderson Middle School and plans to swim and cheerlead for the school as well as do gymnastics during the summer.  She felt that her family is the most important part of her life. “They are there for me all the time and they love me so much and I love them,” Mia said

Winner Jazmin Grace, 12 years old, also attends AMS and plans to swim, camp, and go to Kentucky Kingdom during the summer.  She enjoys gymnastics, cheerleading, and swimming.  She feels her family and animals are most important in her life.  “Because they’re so loving and caring,” Jazmin said.

Her parents Summer and Chuck were incredibly proud of Jazmin, especially because it was a last minute decision to enter.  “I didn’t even tell her about it until two days ago,” Summer said.   She continued saying that Jazmin is always so outgoing that they decided to enter the contest.

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