First Pageant Winners Announced at Fair & Horse Show

Bailee RakestrawEaston BuntainPresley Rayne WalkerEmma JacksonKeagan HillBentley Cunningham

The first round of pageants at the Lawrenceburg Fair and Horse Show was full of cuteness.  Featuring younger children, the first three pageants had competitions for two, three, and four year old boys and girls.  The winners are below:

Two Year Old Girls:
Presley Rayne Walker, Winner
Karter Marie Miller, First Runner Up

Two Year Old Boys:
Easton Buntain, Winner
Caysen Luke Daniels, First Runner Up
Robert Greene, Second Runner Up

Three Year Old Girls:
Emma Jackson, Winner
Allie Frederick, First Runner Up
Natalie Bast, Second Runner Up

Three Year Old Boys:
Keagan Hill, Winner
Carson Cunningham, First Runner Up

Four Year Old Girls:
Bailee Rakestraw, Winner
Clara Johnson, First Runner Up
Reagan Elizabeth Ashby, Second Runner Up

Four Year Old Boys:
Bentley Cunningham, Winner

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