Celebrating 20 Years at Sand Spring Baptist Church

Brother Mike Hamrick celebrated his twentieth year at Sand Spring Baptist Church this past Sunday as the longest time any pastor has lead the church.  The church has grown tremendously under his leadership, gaining over 1000 members and two major building expansions.

Mike grew up in Florida and became a Christian at the age of 15 and realized from that point on that he wanted to be a preacher.  A few years later, he went to seminary school in Texas where he would meet his future wife, Diana, who was from Frankfort.  Together, they would move back to her home state and would serve at a church in Bellevue before leading the Millville Baptist Church in Woodford County.

After eight years in Millville, Sand Spring Baptist Church was in need of a pastor, and after contacting Mike, he joined them in 1996.  Within these twenty years, Brother Mike has seen the church grow in considerable size.  The church was only just the original sanctuary building at the time, and there was only one service held on Sunday.

Adding more services allowed more members to join and soon the church was ready for a physical expansion.  In 2002, the first educational wing was added.  Seven years later, they built another addition, featuring a new sanctuary and more educational facilities.

With more building space and over 1000 more members, the church always has activities happening, including free concerts.  Brother Mike is still very passionate for God, his community, and the members of the church. “I love people, I love Lawrenceburg, and I love to study,” he said.

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