Speedster Rally Chooses to Tour Lawrenceburg

Great roads, great sights, and beautiful countryside brought the speedster rally to Lawrenceburg.  A speedster is a vehicle based on an original Model T Ford that has been modified or recreated into a completely custom car but still containing original major parts, like the engine.

The rally, which started 13 years ago by Russ and Mary Potter in Bismarck, Illinois, picks particular destinations around the country where dozens of speedster owners from different areas of the country can tour the countryside and enjoy the local attractions.  For this year’s rally, participants Robin and Holly Cooper are hosting the rally, and they chose Lawrenceburg because of its roads and beauty.  “We’re here in Lawrenceburg because the roads are so nice and looking for any place without traffic,” Robin said.

This is the first time the speedsters are here in Lawrenceburg.  They’re expecting around 30 or so cars and will be traveling to all the great attractions in the county and beyond including the distilleries and the Healing Field.  Pam Brough from the Chamber of Commerce was instrumental in helping arrange everything for the speedsters.

With a theme of “Horses, Bourbons, and Back Roads,” they’ll be all over the area starting today until the 18th. “It’s the most amazing experience, seeing all that beautiful countryside going 35 mph as opposed to 65mph,” Cindy Bryant said.

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