Lawrenceburg Family in Need after House Fire

Emily Nowlin

Although life sometimes brings tragedy and insurance can help, it doesn’t always cover everything, and a local family is trying to pick up the pieces after a devastating fire.  On May 26th, a tragic fire broke out in a home on Cedarbrook Road.  The home was owned by Ruby Hardin who was being cared for by her granddaughter, Emily Nowlin, after Ruby’s husband passed away in March.

According to Emily, Ruby, Heather Davenport, and herself were sitting outside in the backyard.  Emily decided to go inside and cook dinner only to realize that something was burning.  Heather rushed in and found the den had caught fire from a candle.  She told Emily to take her grandmother away from the house, and she attempted to find a fire extinguisher. Unfortunately, she couldn’t control the fire, and although the Anderson County Fire Department arrived just minutes later, the house was a total loss.

Although Ruby did have house insurance, Emily found out that many of her own personal items might not be covered because she wasn’t an official resident of the home even though she was living there to help her grandmother.  She also found out that the vehicles destroyed in the fire may not be covered as well.

Emily is currently staying with Heather and her grandmother is staying in Lexington with her uncle, Mike Hardin, until they can rebuild.  But the family is left with nothing, no clothes, furniture, or personal items.  They’re reaching out to the community for help, and they have setup a GoFundMe page for donations.

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