Lakeside Restaurant to be Reborn

Mike Cummins

The old Lakeside Restaurant on Harrodsburg Road is coming back with a whole new design and new owners.  Mike Cummins recently purchased the building and his sister-in-law, Phyllis Hedges, will be creating and operating the new restaurant.

Mike was raised here in Lawrenceburg and moved to Frankfort after getting married.  But, he always wanted to move back and so he bought a farm on Harry Wise Road.  After seeing Lakeside close, he wondered about opening a restaurant there.  After talking with Phyllis, who used to run a restaurant on Main Street years ago, and doing research on the requirements, he decided to purchase the building.

Mike and Phyllis are working on completely renovating the interior of the restaurant.  Mike, who used to enjoy eating at Lakeside when it was open, always felt it was too dark and small.  So he has demolished much of the interior, including removing the dark paneling and a center wall to open up the dining space.  He also repositioned the bathrooms and updated everything.

Although they will be keeping the same name as it is well known, Phyllis is going to be styling the interior based on a 1950’s classic hot rod look.  According to Mike, they’re going to have members of the Wheels of Time Car Club put pictures of their cars on the walls.

With the planned brand new dining room, they’re getting rid of the buffet and will be doing a full service restaurant, open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and will feature pork chops, meat loaf, and other tasty meals.  There will also be a private dining area for groups.

They won’t, however, be serving any alcohol as they want to keep it as a completely family restaurant. “I just want it to be a place where people can come in, sit down, and enjoy a good meal,” Mike said.

They don’t currently have a projected date to open but are hoping to open in the next month or so.  Other family members with restaurant experience will be joining the effort to create the best family restaurant in Lawrenceburg.

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  1. Love to here this just hope it dont close to early for supper people that work late dont get to enjoy have to go to franfort to eat maybe close at 10 on fri and sat

  2. Congradulations Mike Cummins! Will be by to try it out when I come to Kentucky. I wish you the best in this adventure!

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