High School Students Created Their Own Soccer Camp

Logan McChesney and Evan Kays

Logan McChesney and Evan Kays

An enterprising group of Anderson County High School students have decided to join together to teach the skills and knowledge of soccer to help younger children play the game better.  Evan Kays, Anna Boyles, and Logan McChesney have designed their own elite soccer camp for Anderson County kids from 6 to around 12 years old.

Evan originally thought of making her own camp when she saw her brother’s soccer team play.  Evan, who has been playing soccer since she was four years old, has played at several state championships, and is a varsity soccer player at ACHS, could see that many of the players were lacking some basic skills.

Having just recently coached a parks and recreation team, she figured she could start her own camp to help teach the skills she knows.  “So I really think I can help them,” Evan said while commenting on how players need to learn the basics of soccer first before advancing.

As she began organizing the camp by getting approval from the Anderson County Parks and Recreation Department as well the Anderson Independent Youth Soccer Association, both Anna and Logan joined the cause.  “I thought I might as well come and help,” Logan said after seeing Evan’s Facebook post about the camp.  Both Logan and Anna have considerable soccer experience and also play on varsity teams at ACHS.

According to Evan, the camp will start this Monday and will continue for five days, focusing on various skills depending on the age group.  They will have motivational games for the younger kids and move on to basic skills and training sessions.  Anna, who is a goalkeeper, will be teaching some of the younger students goal keeping.

For the camp, all players will need to bring their own equipment (soccer ball, shin guards, cleats, etc) as well as a pair of tennis shoes in case of bad weather, where they will practice indoors at First Christian Church.  There will be adult supervision; however, Evan, Anna, and Logan will be managing the camp entirely on their own.

For more information and to register, check out their camp packet.

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