Harley Davidson Enthusiasts Visit Healing Field

David Blackwell

Harley Davidson motorcycle enthusiasts throughout the state and region have been visiting the Healing Field in the Legion Park on their way to the Kentucky Harley Davidson Hog Rally event in Lexington.  Today, the first wave of riders visited the field from the Kentuckiana Chapter out of Louisville which includes members from that city as well as from Indiana and Elizabethtown.  More groups will be visiting tomorrow and Saturday from all over the state.

There to greet the riders, Pam Brough, president of the local American Legion Auxiliary, as well as other members of the auxiliary were there to explain how the field was built in 2006, later destroyed in 2007 by straight line winds, and rebuilt after the community came together to bring back the country’s first permanent healing field.  She also explained how each flag pole represents a single Kentucky soldier who gave their life in the War on Terror.

The riders also received a photo of the field, water, and other items to remember their trip. David Blackwell, one of the riders, was very grateful. “It’s great to be here and to understand what our servicemen go through and a place to reflect and be thankful for them,” David said.

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