Music Studio Opens on College Street

Meredith Hyatt Lewis

Lawrenceburg and Anderson County children now have a great new option to learn music and build a solid foundation for needed skills in school and beyond.  Meredith Hyatt Lewis opened a new studio location on College Street, which is behind Main Street, for her Lawrenceburg Academy of Performing Arts.  She is planning to offer many different music classes, including restarting her Kindermusik program for young children.

Meredith originally started her music studio 20 years ago, offering private voice and piano lessons out of her home.  After she was trained in Kindermusik six years later, her studio took off, and she ended up running three different studios in the surrounding area.  She then began offering her curriculum to daycares and preschools, which was also very successful.  “It’s been a huge part of my life,” Meredith said.

However, as her own children got older, Meredith started to find that she needed more time at home in the evenings, and when the opportunity came to teach music in the Anderson County School system, she decided to cut back the classes and studios and work for the schools.  Working as a music teacher at Saffell Street Elementary for ten years, she developed many great new ways to teach music.

Knowing that she wanted to get back to building her music studio, Meredith recently left the school system now that her children are older.  She found the perfect location for her studio in the little old church building on College Street, next to the new parking lot.  With two smaller rooms for private lessons and a large room for group lessons, it was already set for what she needed.

Meredith is hoping to turn the new location into something similar to a community arts center.  She will be offering her own lessons in voice and piano, along with Kindermusik, and she’ll bringing in other instructors to teach other instruments and possibly other types of art.  She’s also looking to start a children’s choir and theater. “Our goal is to have all kinds of music instruction going on,” Meredith said.

Her main focus right now for the summer is restarting her Kindermusik classes.  According to Meredith, Kindermusik is a type of music and movement program for children from newborn to 8 years old.  The program works to build literacy, coordination, and even the ability to relax, while giving them a music background.  Having been certified in the method 14 years ago, Meredith said, “Everything that we’re doing is associated with music and literacy, and we talk about how the movement we’re doing stimulates what part of the brain.”

But it’s not just the child that learns.  The program is very interactive with the parents to help them educate their child through a seamless coordination between instruction during the class and activities at home.  “Our philosophy is the parent is the best educator,” Meredith said.

She also has plans in the future to help children at risk.  Meredith is looking to start a program called the Music Mentor where she will work with the county school resources departments to help find children at risk and offer them a quality music program to not only build relationships but also to have something positive after school.  She would like to incorporate all the knowledge she learned through her years teaching in the schools to create a great program for children who really need it.

For more information about the Lawrenceburg Academy of Performing Arts, check out their Facebook page.  For Kindermusik, summer class space is still available for a 5 week, one day a week, class.  To find out more or to register, check out the Lawrenceburg Academy of Performing Arts Kindermusik website.

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