Serving His Country, Honoring His Grandfather

Shawn Callahan and George KinneGeorge KinneGeorge giving his grandson a Marines hat.

One of America’s and Lawrenceburg’s brave soldiers recently came back home after serving almost four years in the US Marines as a way to help his country and follow his grandfather.  Shawn Callahan has always looked up to his grandfather, George Kinne, who served in the Marines during the Korean War.

According to Shawn’s mother, Donna, his grandfather George had a wall of medals and decorations he received during his time in the service.  From the time Shawn was old enough to understand the meaning of the awards, he knew he wanted to serve his country just like his grandfather.  “Shawn always respected that,” Donna said.

Shawn prepared himself and pre-joined the Marines before he graduated. He official joined on September 11th, 2011.  It was a tough day for Donna to see her son leave, but she knew it was something he wanted. “I respect him for what he did, and I’m proud of him,”  Donna said.

Serving in California much of the time, he did serve in Afghanistan for eight months doing combat logistics driving trucks of materials.  During his time there, he suffered minor injuries that would cut his time in the country.

Although he is back home and safe, Shawn’s grandfather developed Alzheimer’s and no longer remembers much of his family.  But, according to Donna, George took great pride in Shawn, always talking about his grandson who followed in his footsteps.  Even as his memory faded, he would always ask, “How’s Shawn doing?”

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